Jakub Turowski
Head of Public Policy for Poland & Baltics

In order to support the development of the Internet and digital solutions in Poland and in the Baltic countries, Jakub is responsible for building relationships between Facebook and the policymakers, regulators, NGOs and other communities interested in a broad spectrum of topics related to the Internet.

Jakub has an over 12 years experience of work related to regulations and digital economy. Prior to joining Facebook, Jakub was responsible for the development and management of Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs Department at the cable operator UPC Polska.

During his career, he had the opportunity to work with key stakeholders and decision-makers, promoting the added value that the Internet and digital economy provide for the Polish society.

Jakub gained international experience in the field of digital economy in Brussels while working during four years for Belgacom on the digital agenda and European regulations.

Jakub also worked in PwC and is a graduate of icHEC Brussels Management School.

Jakub is also Vice-chair of the Digitial Technologies Employers Chamber at the Lewiatan Chamber of Commerce and the co-chair of the board of Thinktankcyfrowy.pl.


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